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(no longer available at the moment--stay tuned & if we offer again it'll be posted on FB)
in the meanwhile: 

Support Seoul Flyers Running Club & have the logo put on your OWN running attire!!
See more details here.

Sizing Info:

Unisex Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL 

Female: true to size

Male: get a size or two larger, if you are a size M get a L.  Shirt fit is snug for male.  If you a XXL but have a tummy get a 3XL to be safe.


*Width – 49cm (19in)

*Length (measured from neck down) - 65cm (25.25in)

*Sleeve length (measured from armpit down) – 52cm (20.5in)

 M or L "sizing is not available" but you can still order


*Width – 52cm (20.25in)

*Length (measured from neck down) - 73cm (28.5in)

*Sleeve length (measured from armpit down) – 54cm (21.25in)


*Width - 54cm (21.25in)

*Length (measured from neck down) – 74cm (29.25in)

*Sleeve length (measured from armpit down) 56cm (21.75in)


*Width – 55.5cm (21.5in)

*Length (measured from neck down) - 77cm (30.5in)

*Sleeve length (measured from armpit down) – 58cm (22.75in)


 The fleeces cost 30,000 won per person.